Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Stop Talking About Your Cervix, Mrs. Worthington!"

Oh, Mrs. Worthington,
I do enjoy your company,
you are a delight to behold,
your wisdom is exceeded only
by your charm and grace,
and you wear the most enchanting frocks.
there is something I must mention,
a habit in which you engage,
that turns my guests away from their scones,
causes the Duke to scowl,
and has you the talk of Fleet Street.
You see, Mrs. Worthington,
though it pains me to convey,
I daresay you address your cervix
more often than is necessary,
and at a word,
in the most public of places.
I profess,
that Lord Coddington cares not
of how cylindrical it may be,
Count Felbrigg feigns interest
at the consistency of its mucus,
and Lady Huddleston,
despite being of similar age,
wishes not to discuss upsuck theory.
Having declared this,
I meant not to offend,
or to belittle your feminist notions,
but as a gentleman to a lady,
I must say:
"Stop talking about your cervix, Mrs. Worthington!"

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  1. BRAV-O!
    *applauds heavily*

    ...Love this one. ;)